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Springfield Illinois Commercial Real Estate Lawyers

A commercial real estate transaction such as buying, selling, or developing commercial real estate involves a number of financial and legal risks. FeldmanWasser protects its clients from assuming unwanted liability. We review contract terms and conditions pertaining to financing, environmental issues, property conditions, and the means to fix a breach of contract.

Alerting you to what you’ll be liable for if financing falls through, construction is delayed, or damage is discovered after the sale is essential.

Our commercial real estate lawyers not only provide language and terms that control your liability, but we also accompany you to closings or hearings before state and local planning and zoning boards.

Commercial Real Estate Transactions and Legal Representation

The law office of FeldmanWasser provides the legal tools and analysis needed for:

  • Commercial real estate purchases and sales
  • Commercial real estate foreclosures and condemnations
  • Contract negotiations
  • Governmental zoning and boundary disputes
  • Transactional litigation
  • Mechanics’ liens on commercial real estate
  • Environmental impact studies
  • Commercial land use and development

Attorney versus Agent: Who’s working for you?

Commercial real estate agents have a somewhat obvious financial incentive to finalize every deal they bring to the table. If a deal falls apart, they lose a commission. So while some agents may flag certain contract terms and conditions that could hurt you, it’s unlikely and probably foolish to assume they’ll demand contractual changes. It could derail the closing.

As your commercial real estate lawyers, Feldman Wasser is concerned with only one thing: Protecting your financial and legal interests. Period.

Mediation or litigation?

Too often, commercial real estate contracts include a clause requiring parties to enter into mediation should a dispute arise. Let our commercial real estate lawyers explain the pros and cons of mediation before you agree to this. A quarter-century of real-world experience tells us it may be better to reserve your right to litigate rather than mediate any dispute that arises.

Helping You Protect Yourself and Your Investment

At Feldman Wasser, we’ll always take the time to explain what’s in your best interest and how to best protect yourself from unwanted liability. And we’re prepared to work with inspectors, government agencies, and banks to protect your financial and legal interests.

To schedule an appointment and discuss how we can help you, contact our law office today.

Commercial real estate lawyers Stanley Wasser and Howard Feldman assist both businesses and individuals