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Illinois Foreclosure Lawyers

Feldman Wasser provides legal counsel and litigation services in matters involving real estate, mortgage law, and foreclosure.

With the rapid rise of foreclosures in recent years, the law is constantly evolving. If you’re facing foreclosure in Illinois—or if you’re a lender seeking a foreclosure in Illinois—you should work with Illinois foreclosure lawyers who stay up to date with changes in foreclosure law and have experience handling foreclosures in the Springfield area. In other words, you should work with one of the foreclosure lawyers at Feldman Wasser.

Foreclosure Defense

Our attorneys represent homeowners facing foreclosure. If you’ve received a notice of foreclosure, we can advocate on your behalf at every stage in the process, including:

  1. INVESTIGATION – Through careful investigation and a review of the mortgage history, we’ll work to stop the foreclosure and protect your right to stay in your home. If the mortgage documents weren’t handled or recorded properly, or if there were other errors made in the creation of your mortgage, we may be able to help you avoid foreclosure.
  2. NEGOTIATIONS – Our attorneys are skilled negotiators who can represent you in discussions with your lender.
  3. HEARINGS – Appearing before a judge at the foreclosure hearing, we can act as your advocate and present a persuasive case to keep you in your house.

Foreclosure Enforcement

We also represent lenders and other secured parties in property foreclosures.

When a debtor defaults on a mortgage, our lawyers have the experience and knowledge to help protect you and enforce your foreclosure rights.

From the initial foreclosure notice to the property sale, we know the proper procedures and documentation required to protect your investment and keep your lending business successful.

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